Your child at their fullest potential

Sunflower Vision

By allowing and helping our children to set their minds free of limitations, they learn to explore and fire their passion to try new things as well as to experiment with what life has to offer. And in doing so, they learn to believe in themselves then realize their full potential and eventually fulfill their dreams. 

Most importantly, we believe your child is capable of this.

We Develop Your Child's Multiple Intelligences

Our Core Values


At Sunflower we instill out L.E.A.P core values on each child that we care for.

L – Leadership
Children with leadership express their desire to face tough challenges, risks and obstacles. They fund solutions to the problems at hand with an air of supreme confidence.

E – Enthusiasm
Children with enthusiasm accomplish task with their whole heart, energy and excitement. They inspire and ignite others with their sparks.

A – Appreciation
Children with a sense of appreciation recognise that everyone has personal qualities. They listen to the views of others and show respect for them.

P – Principled
Children who are principled are fair-minded and take responsibilities for their ideas and actions. They demonstrate integrity and moral courage in their behaviour.


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